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I started listening to an audio book the other day called Atomic Habits by James Clear. We all have habits of things that we do every day. Some of them are bad, some of them are good. Some of them carry us towards our goals, some of them away from them. The reason they are called "atomic" is that even small habits can have a greater boom to them over time. I haven't gotten far into this book, but the little I have heard has had me re-evaluating how I spend my time and the net effects it is having in my life. One bad habit I have gotten into is to read facebook in the morning when I am having my breakfast coffee. I can spend up to an hour there and sometimes it extends into my work day if I d

Atomic Habits

Atomic: Extremely minute Atomic: Explosive energy Yesterday I started listening to an audio book by James Clear called Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones. We all have habits -- they are inescapble. The question is whether or not our habits are serving us or holding us back. I recently identified a few habits of my own that I realized were eating up valuable time and diverting me from where I want to go in life. One of them was Facebook while having my morning coffee. Minutes would turn into an embarrasing indulgence of time that could have been spent doing more productive things. January is the month where we traditionally try to make

Getting Help Long Distance

I'll just tell you right off the bat, I don't know how distance work gets accomplished. I just know it does. There is a lot of speculation out there around the reasons why it could work, and testing demonstrates it working, but the mechanism remains a mystery to this day. I have a baby grandson who lives about 500 miles away. He had a really bad case of eczema that covered his head and body -- bad enough that doctors expected to see him hospitalized to deal with it. His parents reached out to me and I did some sessions with them and baby by phone and he improved dramatically. Was it placebo? I doubt it. Baby was too young to have formed any sort of belief system about any of this stuff

Light Up Your Brainđź’ˇ

Red Light Therapy can Heal and Enhance Brain Functions What is intranasal light therapy and trans-cranial light therapy? Photo-bio-modulation (PBM) is a treatment is where an infrared light device is placed on your head and in the nasal pathway and an electromagnetic radiation 800 nanometers is emitted. The device has four light emitting diodes that rest on top of your head. These diodes are meant to be pointed at certain regions of your brain and are kept in place with a wire frame. The intranasal portion is designed to target your hippocampus – the horseshoe-shaped portion of your brain responsible for your memory, emotions, and autonomic nervous system. This is a completely painless proce

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