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Beginner's Class on Muscle Monitoring

Are you bewildered by the choice of vitamins and supplements in your health food store and don't know which one to choose?  Should you eat low carb, paleo, keto or vegetarian?   Are you wishing you could solve the mystery of what your body really wants?   Then the Beginner's course on Muscle Monitoring is for you!

Basic theory is explained, ways in which it can be used are demonstrated, and opportunity is given to practice your newfound skills.  

If you have a whole cabinet full of herbs and supplements but aren't sure how to use them, or if you want to save money when purchasing them, learning to muscle test will allow you to figure out what to take and how much to take to get the desired result you are looking for.

Class size is limited to provide plenty of opportunity for asking questions and getting assistance.

Cost:  $49 plus tax  Next class:  February 2

Introduction to Natural Bioenergetics

Introduction to Natural Bioenergetics is the prerequisite course for people who want to be able to work on themselves, their family or others in a focused way.  It forms the foundational course for those wishing to pursue Natural Bioenergetics in depth or who wish to follow the professional track.  The course is four days long, held on two separate weekends.

In this course you will learn:

  • Basic theory on how the body's bioenergetic system works

  • Advanced muscle monitoring skills

  • How to balance your own and another's energy system for sustained accurate results

  • How to make and use a menu to work from

  • Simple techniques to calm the mind, enhance learning, and overcome limiting beliefs

  • Practical skills for eliminating muscle and joint pain

  • Identification of food and substance sensitivities

  • Make and take bath salts or tooth powder you customize using newfound skills

  • How to work on others competently and confidently

Cost: $400 plus tax.  NEXT CLASS:  February 16,17 and March 2,3

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