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Energy Medicine: 
A FAST way to improve your life! 

Your health depends on reliable and accurate information going to each and every cell so it will function efficiently as it was designed to.


You have a digital information system in your body responsible for making  it run properly and it is electromagnetic in nature.


Western medicine uses it for diagnosing.  We use it to allow your body to heal itself. 


Your body has an electromagnetic  “wifi” cloud surrounding it and internal circuitry it runs through.  This system contains all the information and directions for proper function of the body, provided there are no short circuits, blockages or corrupt data in the system.

Ill health and disease always start in the electromagnetic field.  Short circuits in the energy system cause garbled, or blocked messages so cells and systems don’t code or decode correctly. Improper information leads to improper function.  Auto-immune syndromes are a good example of what happens when the body can't distinguish it's own cells from pathogenic invaders because of a lack of proper information.  The immune system will attack the body's own tissues because of a misreading of the body's code.  When proper communication is restored, so is health.
















The Role of Stress in Poor Health

Broken body circuits are caused by stress, which comes in many forms. Psychological stress and trauma can keep someone locked in PTSD.  The physiological stress of the smell of perfume or eating a food that causes an allergic reaction are stressors.  Daily stressors, like worrying over how to pay your bills, or stubbing your toe on the corner of your bed and picking your kids up from daycare when you are running late accumulate in your system.  The body doesn't differentiate large stressors from small stressors so when the stress load reaches a certain level, circuits break and symptoms of ill health start to appear.  Reputable organizations like the Mayo Clinic recognize at least 85-90% of what sends us to the doctor has stress behind it.



















Stress is like  water in a glass.   The amount of  water  represents stress, and the space above the water represents your ability to adapt to whatever life throws at you.  Stress is cumulative.  A fight with your partner, being late to work, running behind on a project, and past unresolved issues all add  water to your glass causing the amount of space (adaptation) above the water to diminish.  Thus, we experience more illness and less ability to deal well with life the more full our glass gets.


Energy Therapy to the Rescue!


If the problem begins with issues in the electromagnetic system of the body, repairing that system will reverse dysfunction. This is where Natural Bioenergetics  and Kinesionics comes in.  These science-based disciplines can identify where the problem is in the system and what is causing it.  We then neutralize the stress that induced them. These repairs restore the information back into the system, which allows the body to function optimally. This facilitates the body's innate ability to heal itself. NB Specialists are basically repairmen for the electrical “wiring” for the body. We utilize muscle response monitoring to tap into the body’s muscle reflexes and nervous system to identify where the problem is.



















Water Purifier & Glass
 Young Woman Contemplating
Energy Healing
Available Modalities
  • Natural  Bioenergetics Sessions

  • Bioresonance Body Scan

  • Customized Herbal and Supplement Regimes

  • NEEDLE- FREE  Food and Substance Sensitivity  and Reactivity Testing and Remediation 

  • Chronic Pain Reduction and Elimination

  • Body Bioenergetics - fast pain relief and structural corrections

  • PTSD, Trauma, and Psychological Stress Reduction and Elimination

  • Customized Radionics Programs

  • Enzyme Therapy Products

  • Educational Classes--Self Help, NB Specialist, and Teacher Development -- Study with an Award-winning & Experienced teacher. 

  • Personal Development  and Business coaching- Get out of your own way!

  • Animal Behaviour Issues corrected.

Got Questions?  Email me!


Natural Bioenergetics

Natural Bioenergetics is a science based, gentle, drug-free system suitable for all dispositions and ages, including children and babies. It treats the whole person, not just the symptoms. Natural Bioenergetics was developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott, who, in his psychology practice, noticed strong links between psychological and physical states. Using aspects of both the Chinese acupuncture system and the western system of Applied Kinesiology (muscle response monitoring), he developed a powerful and effective healing system.

A skilled practitioner can gather an amazing amount of accurate information by asking the right questions combined with muscle response monitoring -- information that has subsequently been confirmed through objective medical testing.

More importantly, we not only gather information, we are also able to determine what is needed to address health and mental well being at the cause of the issue and apply it.  

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Like Natural Bioenergetics, Kinesionics is a health practice that utilizes the minute fluctuations in the body's nervous system through muscle reflex monitoring.  This allows the body to tell us its response to any sample input or environmental condition.  We can know instantly if a particular food or supplement is the right one for you or if something in your environment will cause problems in your health.  Effective therapies can be confidently applied to imbalances ranging from obvious chronic pain to factors that may develop into chronic disorders in twenty years.  

Kinesionics enlists the body's self-monitoring system to identify current health needs and to find effective therapies.   It can address almost any health issue.

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