Heal Your Body & Brain with Light

Light Therapy, or Photobiomodulation, is one of the most exciting and easy ways there is to self treat and prevent neurological degeneration or even improve cognitive decline.

Photobiomodulation uses a variety of low level lights that are either infra red or laser based to do the work.   

Things light therapy can do:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation

  • Speed healing in soft or hard tissues, muscles, ligaments and even bones

  • Enhance micro-circulation and bring more red blood celss to an area as well as enhance venous and lumphatic flow

  • Increase oxygenation of tissues by stimulating hemoglobin to dump off more oxygen at the treatment site

  • Stimulates cytochrome oxydase enzymes inside of the mitochondria which produces more energy for that cell.  This starts a chain reaction of releasing  nitric oxide which opens up blood vessels for better blood flow and it also releases growth hormone and other healing components.

Neuro Transcranial Headset - Mannequin.j

Vielight Neuro Alpha or Neuro Gamma

The Vielight Neuro Alpha or Neuro Gamma delivers 810 nm of either low level infrared or low level laser through LED lights on the head and by the intranasal device.

810 nm is specific to healing mitochondria in the brain, one of the most densely mitochondria rich tissues in the body.

This device can be used by the entire family with proper cleaning between each use!

Cost: $1749 USD