Natural Bioenergetics Consultation and Treatment: 1.5 hours $90 plus tax                         

  • Baseline Evaluation

  • Herbal or Food Recommendations as appropriate

  • Plan for course of treatment

  • Energy corrections

  •  Educational materials

NLS Hunter Bioresonance Vector Health Check and Multi-Therapy System

1 Hour session:  $90 plus tax


Digital Pulse Analyzer session:  $75 plus tax

  •  Cardiovascular screening

  • Print out

  • Customized supplement regime

  • Handouts


Essential Oil Treatment  1 hour  $90 plus tax

  • Customized oil blend applied along spine to assist in lowering inflammation, strengthening the immune system and relieving muscular discomfort and pain.


Please note that we are a teaching practice.  With your consent, students may be a part of your session.   We appreciate the opportunity to give our students valuable training through working alongside an experienced practitioner.

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