Natural Bioenergetic Corrections

Correct the system that runs all the other systems.

If you have old injuries that won't heal, chronic conditions that won't go away, allergies to everything, emotional traumas that are as fresh as the day they occurred, and a lethargy that won't let go, you likely need to have your electromagnetic energy control system repaired.  It's possible to experience freedom from these disabilities and many have already done so.

When you run out of hope, come to us.  We have a motto:  With Natural Bioenergetics miracles happen every day; the impossible just takes a little longer.

Kinesionics Session

Do you need help putting together an herbal or supplement regime?  Kinesionics is a discipline based on a synthesis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and traditional herbalism.  By using the body's energy control system, we can determine the most important systems and organs needing support. We find the best supplements and herbs to support your body's ability to heal according to your unique biochemical signature.  Life style change and determining the right sort of diet you should eat can be confusing and difficult.  Kinesionics helps you sort this out.  Very often Cheryl will combine her skills in Kinesionics with her skills in Natural Bioenergetic therapy to provide a well-rounded approach to assist clients' abilities to achieve health in an efficient fashion.  Don't waste money on supplements that may not be right for you.  

Digital Pulse Analyzer

The Digital Pulse Analyzer is a Health Canada approved device for measuring the overall condition of your entire circulatory system.  Using safe, non-invasive technology, we can measure heart rate variability, which is a marker for cardiovascular health.  


In 15 minutes you can have a complete cardiovascular system screening done outlining your risk factor for heart attack or stroke and enabling you to take preventative action.  You can also verify if your supplement program and medications are helping.

Cost:  $75  You receive a digital read out, and written explanation to take with you and assistance in putting together the right supplement regime to support and improve your cardiovascular system.

Peace of mind and information for needed changes can be yours.

Essential Oil Treatments

Essential oils are distilled botanicals with potent abilities for supporting the body's ability to heal and improve function.  We use medicinal grade oils that are free from solvents and adulterating agents.  Enjoy a relaxing treatment with benefits that last for days.  

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