Links and Info for Purchasing Supplements and Supplies

Supplements and specialty items can be costly.  We work hard to keep your costs down by sourcing as many quality items that we can locally.  We also like to support local businesses where we can, like Ave Maria Specialties.  For those items that we can't get locally, the merchants and suppliers below are where we buy products that we use for ourselves and our families and which we recommend to you.  Please tell them who referred you!

Clinical Grade Essential Oils


The Ameo brand essential oils are the only brand of essential oils that I will use and recommend in my practice.  They have an exceptionally high quality, purity, and potency and under go rigorous testing to ensure that they meet clinical grade standards.












Nutritionals and Weight Management

Weight management doesn't begin with calorie restriction, but with great nutrition.  You might be surprised at how many things will correct themselves on these products in addition to balancing your weight.  When you support the body with food, it knows how to repair itself.


Biofilia -- Herbal Supplier

Grant MacLean 




Grant is a fellow practitioner of Kinesionics.  In addition to supplying high quality herbs, he is one of the best Kinesionics practitioners around.  If you have friends or family in the Lower Mainland who could benefit from this type of therapy, Grant's your man.  

Avena Originals
You can set up your own account and have it mailed directly to you.  This is a Canadian company so there are no surprises with currency exchange rates!  Please mention my name, Cheryl Hannah, when you are asked who referred you. Thanks!