Foundations of
Natural Bioenergetics

Self Care, Family Care, or Career?

Become your own health care professional with the easily learned skill of muscle response monitoring.  Natural Bioenergetics allows you to take control of your healthcare and do it with confidence. 

Access your built-in monitoring system and apply skilled questioning techniques to receive answers through your own biofeedback system.

People speak daily of ways in which the current medical system is failing them.  Doctors are becoming harder to access and people feel like they are falling through increasingly bigger cracks.   Many are urged to be responsible for their own healthcare, but they hardly know where to start.

Natural Bioenergetics exists to fill in some of the cracks by teaching people how to care for themselves with easily learned techniques that allow them to address health issues at the source of the problem, not just deal with symptoms.  The beauty of the NB conceptual framework is that it helps you evaluate a complex personal issue and find the simplest and most efficient program for long-term health.

Learning to muscle test accurately empowers people to look after themselves with confidence and amazing results and minimizes the need for other professionals.


  • Being able to identify foods, drinks and other items before you use them so you can avoid unnecessary and uncomfortable reactions!

  • Calming down a food reaction until your body gets rid of the offending substance

  • Quickly restoring a sense of calm in the face of a multi-stress filled day.

  • Identifying and eliminating subconscious limiting beliefs and negative self talk that has plagued you all your life, in minutes

  • Discovering where the glitches are in your own matrix and restoring balance to the right circuits

  • Using your own built-in biofeedback system with confidence

  • Discovering the scientific theory that moves this from the realm of “woo woo” into the realm of verifiable methods and results.

This course is for the person who wants to take control of their well-being – on every level.  Health is not merely physical, it is composed of and includes emotions, environment, relationships, psychology, and how you think.  How you are doing in one area of your life will affect how you are doing in other areas of your life. Many people who have used Natural Bioenergetics methods are surprised at how quickly long-standing issues resolve once they address the source of the problem.



  • The electromagnetic system you were never taught in high school biology or your anatomy and physiology classes

  • Identifying and correcting broken circuits in that system

  • Muscle response monitoring -- easy ways to access your own built-in biofeedback system

  • How to disconnect the emotional connection from the higher reasoning function of the frontal brain so you can stop sabotaging yourself with limiting beliefs that are not true

  • Where to hold on your body to bring a sense of calm as you think through stressors that are throwing you off your game.

  • Precisely identify core issues instead of guessing what is troubling you.

  • Test foods and supplements and save yourself lots of money by never buying the wrong remedy again.

Foundations Dates:
September 9, 16, 23 & 30
6 PM - 9PM (Vancouver/Pacific Time Zone)  

October 7, 14, 21, 28
3 PM - 6PM (Vancouver/Pacific Time Zone)

Cost:  $299

"Lord Jesus Christ, beloved, eternal and faithful Son of the Father incarnate, thank you for your gentle mercy on me in my darkness. Grant to me that which I do not have in myself–faith, hope and love. Bind all forms of darkness and evil that influence me. Share with me your own knowledge of the Father’s heart, that I may know your confidence, your passion, your joy and peace. Pour out your Spirit upon me, that I may be of service to you in your liberation of the human race."

C. baxter kruger