Natural Bioenergetic Corrections

Correct the system that runs all the other systems.

If you have old injuries that won't heal, chronic conditions that won't go away, allergies to everything, emotional traumas that are as fresh as the day they occurred, and a lethargy that won't let go, you likely need to have your electromagnetic energy control system repaired.  It's possible to experience freedom from these disabilities and many have already done so.

When you run out of hope, come to us.  We have a motto:  With Natural Bioenergetics miracles happen every day; the impossible just takes a little longer.

Kinesionics Session

Do you need help putting together an herbal or supplement regime?  Kinesionics is a discipline based on a synthesis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and traditional herbalism.  By using the body's energy control system, we can determine the most important systems and organs needing support. We find the best supplements and herbs to support your body's ability to heal according to your unique biochemical signature.  Life style change and determining the right sort of diet you should eat can be confusing and difficult.  Kinesionics helps you sort this out.  Very often Cheryl will combine her skills in Kinesionics with her skills in Natural Bioenergetic therapy to provide a well-rounded approach to assist clients' abilities to achieve health in an efficient fashion.  Don't waste money on supplements that may not be right for you.  

Gap Analysis & Coaching

Whether you are looking to improve your business or trying to get out of your own way, coaching with the addition of energy work accelerates your results.

Experience the power of a Quantum shift in 

  • improved relationships

  • ending self-sabotage

  • responding to crisis instead of reacting to it

  • overcoming addictive behaviors

  • mastery of your mind, self, and emotional intelligence

  • increased resilience in the face of adversity

  • maximized results in your life

  • heal past traumas and life experiences 

  • live in the present instead of dragging your past everywhere

  • balance your moods

  • stay present and calm

  • a better sense of well-being

Proper coaching combined with energy techniques and the accountability so many of us are missing not only removes negative patterns of thought and behaviour, they also provide functional and graceful habits to replace the old ones.   It IS possible to re-invent yourself into a new and authentic version of you in the fastest way possible!

I can say this because I have experienced it for myself.  I believe so much in the power of coaching, I continue to work with my own coach to this day.  The practical techniques of recommended by an excellent coach combined with accountability for follow-through and the removal of negative blocks have allowed me to mature in my judgments and reactions.

Natural Bioenergetics Consultation and Treatment: 1.5 hours $150.00 plus tax                         

  • Baseline Evaluation on initial consultation

  • Herbal or Food Recommendations as appropriate

  • Plan for course of treatment

  • Energy corrections

  •  Educational materials

NLS Hunter Bioresonance Vector Health Check and Multi-Therapy System

90 Minute session:  $150.00 plus tax

Gap Analysis and Coaching

Initial consultation $175 and  12 sessions --price negotiated