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Shane Dehod
Congestive Heart Failure and Heart Transplant

When I first met Cheryl and learned about what she did, I have to say I was rather skeptical. Regardless in 2000 I underwent intensive cancer treatment that 10 years later lead to congestive heart failure. I took a step in faith and asked Cheryl to help me and start treating me in conjunction with the heart transplant team. 

In Oct of 2013, I received a heart transplant and worked closely with Cheryl over several months. The end results were amazing, and unexplainable, I broke every record for recovery and was able to do activities I wasn't supposed to be able to do, such as snowboard, alpine hiking, golfing & more. 

I do not know how she does what she does... all I know is it works. 

Thank you, Cheryl!

Bill Hiebert


I think that it is the best thing that ever happened to me when you Cheryl and Raewyn started working on like I keep telling Rae that the two of you do awesome work and with your help I'm not in a wheelchair so you get two thumbs up. Thanks again.


Miriam Lawrence 


Cheryl has certainly helped me with my arthritis. I couldn't bend my fingers to my palm and now I can. Yeh!

Lorin Dehod

Emotional Stress, Injured Wrist


I can definitely say that I'd recommend Cheryl Hannah and Natural Bioenergetics to anyone. She can achieve results for any health problem(s) or disruptive energy and get it to a place where it will aid in stabilization, harmonization, integration, progress, and process to create a better and healthier you. 


Cheryl has been critical in my healing physically and emotionally. Cheryl’s knowledge of energy medicine has served me well…she is talented and using the gift that GOD has given her.


In the last 5 years I have been a mess, it started with my wrist injury that created a lot of physical and emotional stress to my body and just when I thought I had reached success and moving forward my husband had a massive heart attack which resulted in a heart transplant. During these 5 years I have had a tremendous amount of stress added to me physically and emotionally. 


As you can imagine stress can do a lot of damage to your body and emotional well being. Every time I had a session with Cheryl (that was VERY often) I came out feeling like a load of crap came of my chest and was able to breath again and did not feel weighted down. I had the ability to move forward and do what I had to do. In addition, the herbal remedies that she created for me worked EVERY TIME. I would not hesitate for a second to see Cheryl as I knew she would help me and continues to do so.


One last story of so many, just earlier this month, it has been 16 months since my husbands heart transplant, I went to see Cheryl as I knew that it was time. I had such a long list of things that needed to be corrected and I knew that it would take many appointments but I was committed to my health and worked through each appointment This session I had earlier in April was life changing. A one and a half hour session and I was feeling amazing, a big load of stress was lifted, I was happy, cheery, and had a

positive outlook on life. I went home that day and my husband was so pleased with Cheryl’s work that he had said to Cheryl “that I got my wife back….thank-you so much!!!!


I have so many awesome things to say about Cheryl’s work. She is really…GOD’s gift to all of us!!! I enjoy her positive energy, and how dedicated she is. I highly recommend her to anyone that is making a decisions to create a healthier body and life. It has been a very enriching experience and I am very pleased with Cheryl’s results!!

Rose Nichiporuk
NB has Answers for Multiple Issues


I've seen Cheryl for many years for a variety of issues:  major anxiety, pharmaceutical drug withdrawal, digestive disturbances, emotional trauma, depression, learning to cope with life.   I have tried and used many different therapies, but there is no doubt that NB is the one that has worked the best because it gets to the root cause and solves the problem there."I highly recommend Cheryl for any issues you are having as she has been more help to me than mainstream medicine."

Leanna Carlson

5 star

Cheryl, thank you AGAIN. You nailed it again. I feel so much better since I listened to your advice, you always get to the bottom of it. I recommend anyone that is struggling with their body or mind in any capacity to give Cheryl a try. She gets to the root of the problem and advises changes you can make to improve your health without drugs. I still believe in doctors, but I go see Cheryl first. She looks at your entire picture in a way that makes sense. Thanks again!

Marilyn Reid Trepus

Reactions to Yeast-leavened Products

I had an allergy to all yeast-related products for at least 7 years. Cheryl reset my system and now I can eat any yeast product with no problem. Thanks so much Cheryl!

Ashley Grenon 

Severe Eczema


I can confidently recommend Cheryl. I trust her with my children and can definitely say that Natural Bioenergetics is the real deal. She has worked intensively with two of my three children.


My son was born small and a few weeks early. Early on He started developing severe eczema to the point that his pediatrician had him on a mid level hydrocortisone based skin serum . I also could no longer consume, milk, gluten or eggs because of the severity of his allergies (he was exclusively breastfed and could not tolerate any of those proteins) the pediatrician also recommended that I have two epi pens on hand for him since his allergies tested extreme. This was all very overwhelming. I reached out to Cheryl and she began working with us immediately.


All appointments were done over long distance through face time. There were many appointments and corrections to be done, but I immediately began to see improvements. I was able to consume gluten within the next month, my son no longer needed the hydrocortisone to keep his eczema under control;  coconut oil and other natural moisturizers became enough.


She worked weekly with us for about a year. My son is now 3 and can eat cheese, eggs and gluten as much as he wants. His eczema is very manageable and only surfaces during springtime after the snow melts but it is easily controlled with coconut oil and calendula creams. His pediatrician also Graduated him from his care as all allergy tests came back negative and he has no health concerns. 

Childhood Absence Epilepsy


 My 4 year old daughter started having staring spells that seemed off to me. I could tell something neurological was wrong and reached out to Cheryl. She began working on her and found that she was having seizures.


She was able to pin point where in the brain they were happening and the specific triggers, which were subsequently confirmed through medical tests.


The seizures were happening up to 100 times a day. Cheryl was able to get them down to 10 a day which was a drastic improvement. She did suggest that it was time to get her into a pediatric neurologist because they were still present. (I had no idea they were seizures prior and they are not a type that cause damage)


She was diagnosed with  childhood absence epilepsy and is now on two medications. She was having some bad side effects from the medication, which Cheryl was able to fix through corrections as well as a few other factors that were affecting her epilepsy. 


Cheryl continues to work with my children to help them through their health problems. She listens to your needs, and is very patient with children. I usually always have an appointment with Cheryl after my daughter sees her neurologist. I feel confident with Cheryl as an integral part of my family’s health team. 

Thank you for all of the work  that you do. We love you !

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