Energy Medicine:  A Fast Way to Improve Your Health!

Your Electric Body

Your health depends on reliable and accurate information going to each and every cell so it will function efficiently as it was designed to.


You have a digital information system in your body responsible for making  it run properly and it is electromagnetic in nature.


Western medicine uses it for diagnosing.  We use it to allow your body to heal itself. 


Your body has an electromagnetic  “wifi” cloud surrounding it and internal circuitry it runs through.  This system contains all the information and directions for proper function of the body, provided there are no short circuits, blockages or corrupt data in the system.

Ill health and disease always start in the electromagnetic field.  Short circuits in the energy system cause garbled, or blocked messages so cells and systems don’t code or decode correctly. Improper information leads to improper function.  Auto-immune syndromes are a good example of what happens when the body can't distinguish it's own cells from pathogenic invaders because of a lack of proper information.  The immune system will attack the body's own tissues because of a misreading of the body's code.  When proper communication is restored, so is health.

STRESS & Illness

Heavy workloads, less sleep, long hours, loss of income, changed working conditions, family feuds, organ toxicity,  nutritional deficiencies and  toxic relationships - in a word -- STRESS -- all  impair immunity, work, sports, libido, sleep, nails, skin, hair, digestion, brain function, fertility, birthing, vision, and a whole lot more.

Dissolve stress before it becomes a debilitating illness resulting in lowered immunity, anxiety, or panic attacks.  Go beyond coping to emerge stronger and more empowered by removing buried or obvious trauma stored in your cells, tissues, and brain.

"I received a heart transplant several years ago. Though it was an absolute blessing, the antirejection drugs are extremely hard on the system. I have been in critical care many times dealing with these complications. Cheryl has always been able to help me when the medical system had reached the end of their rope. Many times, I have reported back to the Transplant Clinic, after working with Cheryl with the Drs in shock to how well I was doing. In my opinion, I would not be here today without her. Thank you, Cheryl."  
Available Modalities
  • Natural  Bioenergetics Sessions

  • Personal and Professional Performance Coaching

  • Customized Herbal and Supplement Regimes

  • NEEDLE- FREE  Food and Substance Sensitivity  and Reactivity Testing and Remediation 

  • Chronic Pain Reduction and Elimination

  • PTSD and Psychological Stress Reduction and Elimination

  • Red Light and Infrared Therapies and Products

  • Enzyme Therapy Products

  • Educational Classes--Self Help, Specialist and Teacher Development -- Study with an Experienced teacher. 

  • Personal Development  and Business coaching- Get out of your own way!

  • Animal Behaviour Remediation

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cheryl Hannah

Cheryl has nearly 20 years of experience practising her skills in Prince George, BC Canada. She is a certified Kinesionics  and Natural Bioenergetics professional, Certified Instructor and has certification in several other forms of energy based modalities.  Cheryl is continually upgrading her education so she can provide her clients with the best care possible.

Cheryl is also a teacher with the Natural Bioenergetics Institute of Canada and is teaching self-care classes and developing professionals in this discipline.  Her number one priority is to help people do a better job looking after themselves and to train up the next generation of professionals.


She has a wide background of natural healthcare that covers nutritional therapy, natural birth, and herbalism. 

One of her greatest strengths is her ability to incorporate coaching skills that allow her clients to flourish in their relationships and life management.

As a wife, mother of 12, and grandmother to growing numbers of grandchildren, her life experience allows Cheryl to bring a depth to her practice that many appreciate.

Group Coaching for Women

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 Young Woman Contemplating


This combination of Natural Bioenergetics and Kinesionics supports your entire Body:  Your lymphatic system, muscles, bones, nervous system, emotions, hormones, organ function, digestion, mental acuity, fascia, cells, tissues, and the way your  beautiful brain processes information.  Chronic pain and misalignment can become a thing of yesterday.  Physical, mental, and emotional traumas that have kept you prisoner to the past melt like mist in the sun. Become present in your own life while you neutralize the patterns that held you captive to dysfunction and misery.