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Fascia is the connective tissue that hold every one of our cells together. Due to surgery, injury and unconscious posture & breathing, restriction in our body forms and adheres to anything in the way - including bone. These adhesions will pull the body out of alignment blocking cells from blood and oxygen flow, resulting in: 

  • Pain - eventually chronic

  • Inflammation and stagnancy of flow

  • Size gain

  • Energy loss

  • Loss of mobility and freedom of movement

  • Poor posture

  • Compromised efficiency of your systems

  • The list goes on...What makes it so hard for people to gain control of their fascia system comes down to not having the correct tools to release the fascia and a lack of knowledge and understanding of how to use the tools correctly. 

    Fascia can hold the body out of alignment with a force of up to 2000lbs per square inch. Stretching, massage and rolling are only scraping the surface of what is actually going on underneath.


Cells that lose their organization and position begin the process of disease.  Fascia is a highly vibratory, electrical connective tissue that acts like a high-speed fiber optics network in the body that passes information at the speed of light -- far faster than the nervous system. Every cell in the body is connected to every other cell through the fascia.

Fascia is also the tissue that helps to hold things in correct alignment and locks in the metabolism of the body's various compartments so that each area behaves with a shared purpose.  

When fascia becomes stuck and inflamed or is pulled out of alignment by gravity, cells become compressed, lack oxygen and nutrients and can't offload toxins properly.  This is one of the major contributing causes of aging and disease.  Reversing this process only brings life and health!


Common pain sites caused by misalignment of the fascia.  This leads to needless discomfort, meds to control pain, complications from  drugs, knee replacements, hip surgeries,  sleepless nights, premature aging, reduced function, loss of joy, and emotional distress.

What is Block Therapy?

Block Therapy is designed to release the fascial adhesions, oxygenate your body and cells, and bring your body back into correct alignment.  And the great thing is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home!  

The combination of gentle pressure against a block that matches the density of your bones with deep diaphragmatic breathing helps to melt frozen fascia and release it so it can assume proper alignment.

Pain is relieved, function restored, and better health overall is the result.


Starter Pack
The introduction program to Block Therapy includes Introductory & Explanatory Videos, 9 Day Full Body Fascia Program, Introductory Positions & Descriptions, and  access to a 14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial.
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Cheryl's Testimonial

I don't recommend things that I haven't or won't use on myself or my family!  

I have been amazed at how quickly things change with Block Therapy.    I have experienced a complete reversal of severe foot pain from plantar fasciitis, chronic hip and lower back pain, knee dysfunction and swelling, and improved digestion.  I have also saved a considerable amount of money on chiropractic and massage therapy appointments.


The deep diaphragmatic breathing helps to stimulate the relaxation response and bring calmness to my entire system.  I've  been known to fall asleep while blocking and will  even bring it to bed with me.  

Numerous clients who have tried it have also reported many benefits.  Anything that empowers people to do a better job looking after themselves will get my enthusiastic vote!


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Block Therapy Membership

Block Therapy Membership

  • Multiple 15-30 minute classes for a full body approach.

  • Multiple 90 minute classes targeting all areas of the body - beginner and advanced.

  • Daily Guided Programs for you to follow for a minimum of 15 minute per day. Each program has a specific targeted focus for your needs.

  • Postural and strengthening videos

  • Contact with like-minded individuals around the world

  • New content added monthly


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Block Therapy University

  • Be the first to deliver this revolutionary bodywork practice to your community

  • Have multiple streams of income producing activities

  • Have the freedom to design your own approach to teaching

  • Be a part of a supportive community that is here to assist and guide you

  • Lifetime access to our Block Therapy Membership


Join us on Facebook!  We have a very supportive Facebook Group where you can explore and ask questions whether you already own a block, or are just investigating Block Therapy.   


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