Probiotics on SALE!

Incredible power in the word PROTEOLYTIC, Avena introduced one of the first proteolytic strains into canada 20 years ago, with outstanding results. We are doing it again! We now have this amazing new formula that contains 5 Proteolytic strains, including the incredible Acidophilus DDS-1.

Unlike any other probiotic you have ever tried, Avena has raised the bar to a new standard, not only is this a powerful synergistic blend of powerful strains of proven probiotics but it is one of the cleanest formula on the market, This Symbiotic blend containing Probiotics and Prebiotics together Will combine to transform your intestinal tract back to its former glory days!

Probiotics 240 Capsules - $103.50 Sale Probiotics 120 Capsules - $62.95 Sale Probiotics Powder 2.4oz - $55.80 Sale

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