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Getting Help Long Distance

I'll just tell you right off the bat, I don't know how distance work gets accomplished. I just know it does.

There is a lot of speculation out there around the reasons why it could work, and testing demonstrates it working, but the mechanism remains a mystery to this day.

I have a baby grandson who lives about 500 miles away. He had a really bad case of eczema that covered his head and body -- bad enough that doctors expected to see him hospitalized to deal with it. His parents reached out to me and I did some sessions with them and baby by phone and he improved dramatically. Was it placebo? I doubt it. Baby was too young to have formed any sort of belief system about any of this stuff and he was unaware of what we were doing. How about animals? It's well known you can't get a placebo effect with an animal. What you do either works or it doesn't. I have happy clients with pets whose improved behaviour issues made them much more of a joy to live with. What I can say with certainty is that distance work is effective for all kinds of things including difficulties with motivation, low energy and brain fog, learning difficulties, physical ailments, PTSD and a host of other issues. If western medicine isn't cutting it for you, or you aren't getting the answers you need, maybe you need something like what I offer.

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