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It's About Empowering People

  • One of the reasons I chose to start teaching Natural Bioenergetics, energy medicine, and accurate muscle testing is because we have an inbuilt and easily accessed way of helping ourselves that anyone can learn. Muscle testing is a non-technical and reliable way of determining what is going on in your own body and mind. It allows you to choose the right therapies and remedies and corrections in the right order, the right degree, and the right amount to get the best results. This places the power and responsibility directly in your own hands when it comes to wellness and healthcare. Imagine being able to figure out what is causing a symptom and then addressing it at the causal level instead of the downstream issue that results from it.

  • Imagine being in any country of the world and having the ability to access what is available to you there in order to find relief and healing.

  • Imagine being able to avoid needing to see a professional because things never got to the place where they are needed.

  • Imagine having access to your innate body wisdom that knows exactly what to do.

  • Imagine the money and resources saved when you can deal with your own issues.

  • Imagine being able to neutralize triggers to trauma on your own.

  • Imagine removing stress out of your body just by holding the right places.

  • Imagine choosing the right foods, herbs and supplements in the right quantities to provoke your innate healing responses

  • Imagine knowing, right away, if a therapy will benefit you.

Learning to muscle test accurately empowers people to look after themselves with confidence and amazing results and minimizes the need for other professionals. Western medicine can really shine when it comes to acute situations that are life threatening, such as serious illness or physical injury, Muscle testing will never replace the need for competent medical care. That being said, there is much that we can do by way of prevention and to remediate things that western medicine hasn't been able to address.

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