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Overcoming Monkey Mind


One of the advantages of being a Natural Bioenergetics Specialist is that I have access to talented colleagues who are willing to trade sessions with me. I recently returned home from a two week visit with my family in the Maritimes and the combination of jet lag from a four hour time difference and my natural inclination to ADD tendencies meant that catching up on my business, family, friends, and household organization was not happening the way it should. Amanda Meggit, from Horizon Energetics in Abbotsford discerned my spinning wheels and did a session with me on Friday. Here it is, Tuesday, and I woke up and in the space of an hour caught up on multiple things that were hanging around (I am ashamed to say) for weeks and months! This is highly unusual behavior from me. Even more interesting, it only took 2 corrections to get there. NB has a way of cutting through the excuses and apologies for lack of performance and identifies the areas of stuckness then neutralizes them, often painlessly. Reach out to me or Amanda if you need help.


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