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The Dangers of Politicized Healthcare

If the past two or three years have taught us anything, it is that when healthcare becomes politicized, it becomes a danger to our personal bodily autonomy and possibly our very lives. For a long time, Canadians have taken federally and provincially funded healthcare for granted, thankful that we didn’t have to pay exorbitant amounts when accidents happened, and serious illness struck. Sure, we had to put up with wait lists for surgeries, MRI’s, visits with specialists, and other inconveniences, but we felt lucky that our life savings were not depleted, nor were we facing bankruptcy from hospital bills like people in the US often do. Socialized medicine gave us the illusion of being able to eat untold amounts of cake with the assurance that the resulting need for insulin would be carried by the state. Lack of exercise, poor eating habits, nutritional deficiencies, –all could be indulged in with the assurance that others would pay. Former Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher, once commented that the problem with socialism is that it works until you run out of other people’s money. When governments have control of spheres in which they have no expertise, we end up with ideology and incompetence making decisions on things they know nothing about. Instead, we see things being bent to the end goal of the idealogues who are in power.

Healthcare in Canada has been overtaken by career politicians, many of them lawyers, who have no expertise in what creates and maintains health. Many of them are compromised by ties with pharmaceutical companies who gain money from sick people and make nothing when people are well. In BC, a law was passed that puts governmental people in charge of all the disciplines of medical and wellness care: chiropractic colleges, massage therapy, any alternative form of regulated healthcare – now will be governed by government appointed bureaucrats instead of professionals chosen by members within the ranks of their professions. When you combine this information along with the doctrine of climate alarmism that teaches that man is a blot on the face of the planet, the future is looking rather grim for the safety of those deemed not worthy of life or too expensive to sustain. Think of your loved ones who are becoming aged and declining in their cognitive awareness, your Down’s Syndrome child, those with autism, cancer, and auto-immune diseases that can cost the “system” a lot of money to treat or assist. How confident do you feel that their life is safe in governmental hands?

Government propaganda about “settled science”, an oxymoron if there ever was one, fueled one of the biggest campaigns of fear ever inflicted on the world, and drove many out of work, destroyed families, compromised care, and wrecked supply chains and the economy.

What is the answer? Is there an answer? The answer is not more of what caused the issue. We are governed to death with all kinds of mischief being framed by bureaucratic laws and mandates. We don’t need more “Big Brother” in our lives. What do we need?

  • We control what goes in our mouths.

  • We control how much exercise we get.

  • We control whether we are indulging ourselves with mindless hours of Facebook or internet gaming or investing in knowledge that helps us and others.

  • We control where our dollars are spent.

  • We control the community we choose to build in the form of family, friends we hang with, and the faith we have in a Power greater than ourselves.

  • We need to own our actions and the results of doing and not doing.

  • And We need to be brave.

You can’t beat something with nothing.

Ideas have consequences.

There is a whole world of knowledge on how to live a healthy and empowered life for those who look for it. Don’t waste your time on fear porn, whether it is coming from the approved governmental sources, or those who oppose them. Instead look for ways to help yourself, your family, and your circles of influence grow in knowledge and practical skills for living.

We don’t need servile dependence on governing authorities. We don’t need rugged individualism that centers only on the self. What we need is healthy interdependence that builds a world based on other-centered, self-giving love, faith in a future worth fighting for, and a character that seeks to turn implements of war into gardening tools.


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