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Living Life on Purpose

I am as good as the next person when it comes to dreaming of all the things I would like to do and accomplish with my life. This is the time of the year when we traditionally review what happened last year and take stock and make resolutions about what we will do in the coming year. Or should I say, wishes instead of resolutions? Because that is all most resolutions are: wishes. This year I did something scary. I bought a book called _2016 Your Best Year: A Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner_ by Lisa Jacobs. In other words, I took my own advice and decided that this was the year to get out of my way, or at least make a valiant attempt at doing so. Some of my most favorite clients to work with are business owners and those who know they have a purpose to accomplish before their life is over. They *know* they want to get somewhere and they are motivated to do what it takes. They want to live their life on purpose instead of just winging it day by day. They set goals and make plans and then work their plans and get somewhere. And most of us envy them and think they are lucky when really all they did was take action while we stood around and just let life happen to us. This year? I'm going to emulate my favorite clients and start being more intentional about how I live my life and what I do in my business. How about you?

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