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Introducing a New Service: Digital Pulse Analysing

Kinesionics Integrative Healthcare is offering a new service to our clients: Digital Pulse Analysis. What is DPA and why should you care?

The DPA machine is a Health Canada approved device for measuring the overall condition of your entire circulatory system. Using safe, non-invasive technology, we can measure heart rate variability which is a marker for cardiovascular health.

In 15 minutes you can have a complete cardiovascular system screening done outlining your risk factor for heart attack or stroke and enabling you to take preventative action. You can also verify if your supplement program and medications are helping.

Using pulsewave techology, this machine performs an ECG and an echo- type reading, resulting in a circulation analysis. This demonstrates bloodflow restrictions in your large, small and peripheral arteries; measures arterial elasticity; determines your resting heart rate; and show sany inflammation, dehydration, or blood pressure issues. Lastly, this machine will help determine the biological age of your circulatory system, which is not necessarily your chronological age. It isn't uncommon to find 30 year olds with arteries comparable to a 50 year old!

Sessions cost $75 plus tax and include a copy of your readout, lifestyle information and assistance in finding the right supplement regime customized to your own body.

Give yourself peace of mind and the time to make important dietary and lifestyle changes while you are able. Book an appointment with us today by calling 250-552-3495.

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